Christmas and This I Believe

When my husband took English 302 at Cosumnes River College, he was fortunate enough to be required to read and respond to numerous essays in a beautiful book called This I Believe. He shared it with me, we sometimes read them aloud in the car to each other, and I bought copies of the book for family for Christmas. Not every essay in that book is fantastic or inspirational to me, but as a whole I found them beautiful expressions of what’s important in life, things we all know but need to be reminded of.

It’s Christmastime again, and This I Believe has a new book on love. Love is maybe my favorite theme these days because of the addition of children to my life and the influence of love-minded friends.

In the spirit of Christmas and love, click here for a This I Believe essay with a lovely little message of peace.  You can read or listen, or listen and read at the same time. The listening is special because it’s read by the author of the essay.

Take a little time to check out the website, too– it’s full of essays on all kinds of topics, by both famous and ordinary people, and provides not only inspiration but also great reading and listening practice!


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Traveler, art-lover, ESL instructor, language enthusiast, and glowing mom who values optimism, simplicity, and plenty of downtime.

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